Бэлчээрийн хөрсний ус-физикийн шинж чанарын зарим өөрчлөлт

The change of soil and water-physical characteristics for pasture is one of the structures of land degradation. Water filtration is physical properties of soil. Infiltration refers to the movement of water into the soil layer. The rate of this movement is called the infiltration rate. If rainfall intensity is greater than the infiltration rate, water will accumulate on the surface and runoff will begin. Brown soils covered 47.0 % of all territory of Mongolia. The water filtration coefficient of brown soils non grazing pasture is high 108.0 mm/hour but lowest values is grazed pasture which is called the “bad” water filtration capacity.

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Author Д.Аваадорж, Я.Баасандорж, Г.Мөнхзул
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