Дундговь аймгийн бэлчээр ашиглалт, малчдын нүүдлийн хэв шинж

There has been a decrease in adequate pastureland caused by the alteration of traditional technology. In some areas, large amounts of herdsmen and livestock are concentrating in a particular area resulting in pastureland degradation. Some negative problems of animal husbandry such as abandoned pastureland, plundered yards and wells and pastureland disputes have contributed to intensifying pastureland degradation. The present pastureland situation in Dundgobi aimag is described by grazing around only one well throughout all seasons of the year. This is the principal cause of pastureland degradation in this aimag, that is, pastureland grazing without rotation. There is 2110 hectares of pastureland area that can not be utilized. Of this, desertification, degradation and decrease in plant cover have affected 765 hectares. The other 1345 hectares has experienced a loss in carrying capacity. The excess of lost carrying capacity is not evident in the whole area of this aimag. There is too much livestock clumping in some areas and in others pastureland stress is comparatively little.

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Author Д.Мөнхзул, А.Батжаргал
Last Updated October 29, 2018, 08:02 (UTC)
Created October 29, 2018, 08:02 (UTC)