Comparative Analysis of Carbon Budget in Forests of the Selenga River Transboundary Basin

Presented are the results from investigating carbon balance in forests of the transboundary Selenga river basin, based on inventory data for the status of forest reserves and the key factors (tree felling and forest fires) influencing carbon absorption and emission in forests. Analysis of the forest reserves in the Buryat and Mongolian parts of the Selenga river basin revealed distinctive features in the age structure of forests (middle-aged and young tree stands are dominant in Buryatia, and mature and overmature stands in Mongolia), and in the structure of lands of forest reserves (an increase in forest area is observed in Buryatia, whereas Mongolia shows the reverse trend).

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Эх сурвалж https://link.springer.com/article/10.1134%2FS1875372819020070
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