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Potential natural vegetation (PNV) is the vegetation that would be predicted given environmental constraints (geomorphology, climate, geology) without human activities or a hazard event. PNV is widely used in nature conservation and restoration studies to predict the most adapted species for a definite ecotype. Native species are considered to have optimum ecological resilience for their native environment, and the best potential to enhance biodiversity. The aim of this study was to assess the natural vegetation potential of Mongolia using time-series remotely sensed three vegetation indices, geomorphology, climate and geology variables.

Энэ нөөцөд зориулж үүсгэсэн харагдац байхгүй байна

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Өгөгдлийн сүүлийн шинэчлэл 2021 3-р сар 25
Мета өгөгдөлийн сүүлийн шинэчлэл 2021 3-р сар 25
Үүссэн 2021 3-р сар 25
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