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We have respectively selected larch forest damaged by insect in 2001-2002 in the Shar hooloi of Gachuurt, 20 Committee Bayanzurh district area and burnt larch forests of Khandgait located in the mouth of Sukhbaatar District and fenced 3 hectar area, how impact human and animal in the surrounding forests as well as, in order to examine the results of reforestation because population and people with livestock settled mass in green belt of Ulaanbaatar city. Also, we have conduced reforestation with cartridge or no cartridge regrowth according to the schedule until the year 2013-2015 in site of intake and open. In the research result, we detected that reforestation was effectively to do period of plant growth in the intake plot with cartridge regrowth as more seedling survival and growth.

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